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The signs that the Rapture and Tribulation are close at hand are represented by these actual events that are occurring globally:

Decay Of Our Society

Racism, divorce, sex, music, language, use of guns, police brutality, disrespect for authority

Political Unrest

No compromising among political parties, slandering, interfering with voting systems, attempting to overthrow an election, talks of states seceding.

Weather Patterns

Historic volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, snow storms, rain storms, wind storms, tropical cyclones, tsunamis- both the frequency and magnitude. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) states that climate and weather-related disasters surged five-fold over the last 50 years.

Wars & Rumors of War

Russia & Ukraine are still at war after one year; Israel & Palestine battling for years over a land issue; Iran, China & Russia are against Israel and the U.S.; China trying to claim Taiwan; there are enemies everywhere in the world.


Covid 19, Ebola, Hepatitis A & E, Typhoid, Malaria, and Yellow Fever, to name a few of the 18 diseases that are current threats to many countries of the world. Covid 19 is considered the worse pandemic in the world since the Spanish Flu of 1918-1920.

Birth Pangs: The Hour Is Near

All five of these global issues have become more common and of greater magnitude than at any other time in history when combined. Jesus told His disciples on the Mount of Olives that all these things mentioned above would be the sign of the end of the world as we know it and His coming for the church in the Rapture.
The disciples asked Him when this would happen and Jesus replied that all these are the beginning of birth pangs (using the analogy of a woman in labor). So, the birth pangs are getting worse every decade and certain political and global issues seem to be drawing us closer to a confrontation of the greatest magnitude ever seen on earth- leading to Armageddon.
This is all outlined in the Book of Revelation and even in Old Testament prophecies from over 2000 years ago. One example of the unbelievable accuracy of John’s account in Revelation was that he referred to the power in the east with an army of one million.
There weren’t even one million people in the world when John made that statement but here we are today with China as the only country and they are from the East that has an army of about 1 million, the largest Navy in the world, and the third largest Air Force. You can just read the news every day now and see how China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia are moving toward the End Times.

What’s The Timeline For The Rapture, Tribulation, Second Coming, The Thousand Years, The Great White Throne Judgement, and Eternity?

True Christians believe in the inerrancy of the Bible and to deny that is saying the Bible is not the Word of God. Scripture declares emphatically that “ it is impossible for God to lie” (Hebrews 6:18). Having said that, we all know that Christians can interpret certain passages differently even though we are told that all scripture should be taken literally and in context, One subject that has several interpretations is what’s known as eschatology which is the part of theology concerned with death, judgment, and the final destiny of the soul and mankind.

One of the interpretations is relevant to the timeline of the events leading up to what is known as the End Times. There are four theories about the timeline and they are split between Protestant denominations, the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, and the Pentecostal churches. Read the four to see what makes sense to you if you don’t have an opinion yet. After I list them I will reveal my belief and that is what this blog will be based on. The four views propose a different take on three key aspects of the end of the world: the millennium, the binding of Satan, and the relationship between Israel and the Church.

End Times Viewpoints


The world is facing a shortage of nurses and doctors. Shouldn’t there be more training schools specializing in medical training? Most countries have strict laws about licensing requirements for foreign doctors. This is another end-time problem that doesn’t seem to have an answer- much like the traffic and transportation issues that plague many countries.


The Philippines continues to transport truckloads of villagers as the erupting Mayon volcano has traumatized the villagers by the sight of red-hot lava flowing down its crater and they are also fearful of the sporadic blasts of ash. Nearly 15,000 people have left the mostly poor farming communities within a 3–7-mile radius of Mayon’s crater in the northeastern Albay province.


Gale force winds and heavy rains were lashing coastal parts of northwest and southern Pakistan and India’s western state of Gujarat. More than 170,000 people in the two countries were evacuated to safety before the arrival of Cyclone Biparjo which hit landfall in densely populated areas across the subcontinent Thursday, putting millions of lives at risk. Biparjoy has been churning across the northeastern Arabian Sea, heading toward southern Pakistan and western India since late last week, with winds of 160 kph (100 mph) and gusts up to 195 kph (121 mph). It has weakened slightly since Tuesday, sustaining winds of 150 kph (90 mph), equivalent to a Category 1 hurricane.


A bipartisan group of American lawmakers has asked the Biden administration to punish South Africa for what it sees as the country’s support of Russia’s war in Ukraine by moving a major trade conference scheduled to be held in South Africa this year to another country. The U.S. has suspected that South Africa is supplying Russia with materials for the war. Russia and South Africa as buddies?


Wildfires have been ravaging Nova Scotia for the last two weeks and residents are facing a harsh test as the 20,000 that were evacuated, and 60,000 acres were destroyed there was only a charred footprint in the foundation of most of the homes affected by the fire. The fires were so bad that the wind blew the bad air as far as New York and Boston and airports were closed for a couple of days because of poor visibility.


An elevated section of the major interstate Route 95 collapsed early last week in Philadelphia after a tanker truck carrying flammable cargo caught fire, closing a heavily traveled segment of the East Coast’s main north-south highway indefinitely.


Precipitation studies throughout the world show that precipitation can have wide-ranging effects on human well-being and ecosystems. Rainfall, snowfall, and the timing of snowmelt can all affect the amount of surface water and groundwater available for drinking, irrigation, and industry. They also influence river flooding and can determine what types of animals and plants (including crops) can survive in a particular place. Changes in precipitation can disrupt a wide range of natural processes, particularly if these changes occur more quickly than plant and animal species can adapt. On average, total annual precipitation has increased over land areas worldwide. Since 1901, global precipitation has increased at an average rate of 0.04 inches per decade.


Everybody in the United States and maybe throughout the world witnessed the video of the police officer in Minnesota pushing down on the neck of George Floyd, a black man, and killed him by asphyxiation in 2020 and led to protests throughout the U.S. and even in other parts of the world. But the US Justice Department’s scathing 89-page report looked well beyond that killing- describing a police force impervious to accountability whose officers beat, shot, and detained people unjustly and patrolled without the trust of residents. Floyd’s death has had an irrevocable impact on the community, the country, and the world.


In the U.S. and some other countries, there seems to be a news story every week about a mass shooting or unexplainable killing of innocent victims. Another one has arrived as at least 22 people were injured, and one person was killed by gunfire overnight in Illinois, in a peaceful Juneteenth celebration turned deadly, police say. An unknown number of suspects fired multiple rounds from multiple weapons into the large crowd of people gathered to celebrate Juneteenth, according to a statement from the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office. And in another shooting, two people were killed and three others injured after police said a shooter began firing “randomly” into a crowd at a Washington state campground that was hosting people attending a nearby music festival on Saturday night, police said. And the worst of them all was in Uganda where at least 37 people were killed- many of them students- and eight others were wounded when militants with an extremist group attacked a secondary school in western Uganda, in one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in the East African nation in years.

The Rapture

“This blog is based on the viewpoint of Dispensationalism which also includes the timing viewpoint of Premillenialism and Pre-Tribulation.”

There are two future comings of Jesus-one FOR His Church (The Rapture) and one WITH His church (the Second Coming). The Rapture has Jesus in the clouds and not touching the earth and the Second Coming has Him coming down and touching the earth.

Most Evangelicals, including myself, as well as some Christians from different Protestant denominations, believe in Premillennialism which means they believe the Tribulation comes before the Millennium. And many believers in Premillennialism also believe in Dispensationalism which is defined in a section before this but is not relevant to the timetable discussion here, It will make an excellent topic for discussion in a future blog.

The controversy as to whether the Rapture comes before the Tribulation, after the Tribulation, at the halfway mark of the Tribulation (3 ½ years), or even exists, is decidedly before the Tribulation-if you take the Bible literally and in context. The compelling reasons are listed below:

  • God Promises in many scriptures that He doesn’t intend to have His saints suffer during the horrible Tribulation. One of the scriptures is 1 Thessalonians 1:10 which states “we are waiting for His Son from heaven…who will deliver us from the wrath to come.” And in Revelation 3:10 the church at Philadelphia, which is representative of faithful Christians, is told that those who persevere in the Lord will be kept “from the hour of testing,” that hour which will “come upon the whole world.”
  • Also, the Church is not mentioned in Revelation after chapter 3 and in Chapter 4 we see John raptured to heaven to the throne of God from the isle of Patmos. In Revelation 11 the door of heaven opens again, and Jesus emerges riding a white horse on His way to earth, followed by His Church. (Revelation 19:14).
  • The logic of imminence: We are told repeatedly in the Scriptures that the coming of the Lord is imminent- that it can take place at any moment. The clear force of these persistent warnings is that Jesus can appear at any moment. If the Rapture occurred at any other time except for before the Tribulation His coming wouldn’t be uncertain. We know that if some believe the Rapture occurs mid–trib then we know it’s at the halfway point of 7 years and if it’s at the end of the Tribulation (post-Trib) everyone would know when He’s coming.

Click on the video to see
what life on earth will be like after the Rapture. It’s easy to see how the conditions on earth could welcome an anti-Christ and the start of the Tribulation”

You can read more about the impending Rapture, the Tribulation, and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in our book “The Hour Is Near”

This is an easy-to-read condensed, 56-page booklet of the evidence supporting the prophecies regarding the end times.

What In The World Is Going On?

Plagues, Pandemics, War, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Fires, Floods, Volcanoes, Famine…

All the signs are here pointing to the End Times. All these signs are part of the Master plan warning us of the impending Rapture. Are you prepared for when that day comes?

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